a boutique management agency focused on media, arts and entertainment



A new media agency, talent and brand management focused on:

Creative Services & Consulting

Brand Development + Brand Management

 Marketing Strategy + PR

 Film + Video + Branded Content +   Production

We immerse in culture, history and market trends to develop something distinctive.

We research, combine and develop something unique in its attitude, message and form.

We are believers, thinkers, but most of the time we are creators.



We are passionate about the unseen.

                                                                                                                                 We craft concepts to develop great stories. 

We believe in stimulating the mind and emotions of contemporary consumers creating entertaining and innovative content.

We collaborate and partner with production companies, creative studios or agencies to achieve their goals.




We understand each client is unique and their needs are different.

We guide and develop careers of up-and-coming and established talent in the field of film, TV, music and mixed-media with a focus in Latin America and U.S market.

 We guide them through projects, future work and assist them in creative, strategic and financial issues.